Where I Stand

“he governs best who governs least” — Thomas Payne & Ronald Reagan


LIMITED GOVERNMENT. The primary role of government at all levels is to protect the individual rights of citizens. The government should not unduly restrict free enterprise, property rights, or personal lifestyles with burdensome laws.

LOW TAXES. The cost of government should not become unduly burdensome or tyrannical. Sales taxes rates and individual tax rates should be competitive with the rates in any other contiguous state.

…the important role of EDUCATION in the American Dream. Access to a sound education leads to opportunity, a good job, and a better future. To improve learning in the classroom, high-performing teachers should receive merit pay and should be granted more freedom from bureaucracy. No one should be forced to send a child to a failing school. If a school fails to perform, parents should have the choice of a private school, a good public school or assisted home schooling.
…strong MILITARY. The primary role of government at all levels is to protect its citizens. Beyond the current wars, our military’s credibility, commitment, and presence is required to sustain alliances, to protect trade routes and energy supplies, and to deter war and conflict with our presence. I pledge my unyielding support to the men and women who have served our vital interests and continue to make the Commonwealth of Virginia a military friendly state.

…traditional faith and FAMILY VALUES. Government policies should not undermine families, churches, and charities, the most efficient providers of the economic and social safety net.

…the right to BEAR ARMS. Law-abiding citizens should not be subjected to unreasonable limitations of the right to own and possess firearms. Existing areas for hunters and sport-shooters should be preserved.